Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2008

Episode 4: Kodak Easyshare V603

I went bonkers when I watched You Got Tech Kid's video "Episode 3: iPod Touch". Why? Coz the video looked professionally done! I'm just onto my 6th video (3 are here on You Got Tech, 1 in An Apple a Day and 1, oh never mind, you can check out everything at my Youtube Channel) and I know I've messing up a bit in my quest to learn how to edit videos (calling Coy! Coy!!! Heeeelllppp!!!).

Anyway, moving on moving on... we're all here to learn and be challenged to do better each and every time we make a post. I just wanted to share what I've been using to create my videos. I always say I just use a "camera for idiots". I'm not a techie person and I don't have the luxury of time (and money) to acquire skills and equipment.

Here's the video:

I mainly use my camera to document my activities and discovered how easy it is to take videos. I haven't really tried stitching videos and editing that much - I'm still learning that - that's why I just normally do 1 or 2 takes of whatever it is I want to post about. I wanted to put "flying captions" (I don't know what it's called) in this video, but I couldn't figure it out, I'll go bug Mhel when I see him on Friday. Well... eventually I will be an expert!

I finally met Coy last night in the Digitalfilipino club eyeball held at Tektite and hung-out with a couple of fab people (vloggers and technopreneurs).

Jovel and Randy (seated)
AJ, Coy, Arbet, Janette, me, JayDJ, Buddy (standing)

And instead of introducing myself the usual way I introduced You Got Tech and I was happy to note that those who attended were bobbing their heads when I mentioned that it's a tech blog for non-techies (yes Coy, it's our advocacy).

My "I eat adobo" shirt was a hit as well LOL.

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaa sayang di ako nakapunta kagabi.. i should be there.. huhuhu :(

  2. @jehzeel - ayan lakwatsa ka kasi ng lakwatsa. We had so much fun!

  3. Great to see you Aileen! Thanks again for coming!

  4. @janettetoral - enjoy ako mag-attend ng club eyeball eh hehehehe :p

  5. Kelan kaya magka club eyeball dito sa siyudad ng Dabaw? Hmmm...