Martes, Pebrero 26, 2008

Episode 6: AJ of Talks About his Mobile Phone TV

Have you ever experienced rushing home from work because you need to catch your favorite TV show? When I was a Makati office girl I'd usually get caught in traffic on the way home and miss some shows that I wanted to watch. I couldn't also rely on having someone record the show because I'm the "techiest of all" at home, so I just missed whatever it was I wanted to watch.

Things are so much different today. New gadgets are launched left and right and I personally couldn't keep up with it. I'm sure I would've bought a portable TV if I could afford it, but there's something so much better! A mobile phone that's also a TV!

AJ Matela of graciously agreed to talk about his mobile phone TV. Watch it now!

There are cute outtakes at the end.

Here's AJ's most watched interview with Janette -

Notes: I'm back to using Windows Movie Maker. My PC, George, went into a coma again and the other app I was toying around with works only there.

Lunes, Pebrero 25, 2008

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Is your PC acting a little sluggish lately?

Well, some would think that like humans, computers slow down with age. Hey, it doesn't have to be that way!

The problem actually starts when you begin installing programs on your computer. You'd like to think you're installing only one program at a time, right? Wrong! Many installers put stuff into your computer you're not aware of. Aside from the main program, an installer may insert startup or background processes that usually aren't necessary, plus, some even ask you to install 'promotional' software in between or at the end of an installation. Be wary of:

a. "Run at Startup". Say no or uncheck.
b. Offers to install a toolbar to 'enhance' your browsing experience.
c. Offers to install supplementary software such as video or DVD players, unless you really, really need them.
d. Programs that come from unknown software vendors or sources. Be vigilant. Before you install something, do some research. Be sure that the software is free of viruses and adware.
e. Pirated software. The hackers who crack these programs may install viruses, trojans and adware into them. Not to mention that it's illegal.
f. Expired anti-virus programs. Leaving them expired is like a welcome mat for disaster.
g. Files downloaded off of peer-to-peer networks. Scan these files with your anti-virus before you run/open them.

Here are some tips to make your PC run faster:

Uninstall unused programs. Deleting a program folder DOES NOT uninstall a program. Instead, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Look at the list of programs installed. Do you absolutely need all of them? Remove programs that you have not used for more than 6 months. This helps free up disk space and memory usage.

Download a startup management program. Download the free software called Quick Startup (1.35mb). Having too many programs running at the same time can really slow down your PC performance. This nifty tool helps you choose which programs will run when your computer starts.

On the right panel, simply uncheck the programs that you don't need to run at startup. Samples of these are instant messengers (Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk, MSN Messenger), video programs (Quicktime, Real Player, WinDVD), Office Suites (Microft Office, OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat), CD burners and photo managers. If you don't know what you're doing, ask a tech-savvy friend to help you out.

Easy on the browser windows. Firefox and Internet Explorer are called tabbed browsers for a reason. Don't open new windows unless extremely necessary. Some users find Firefox as a memory hog, so you may want to look into IE. Opera is also an excellent alternative.

Warning: the following cost money

Stack up on RAM. If you've followed all my advice above and still find your computer to be slow, you may need to purchase additional RAM. If you enjoy surfing the Internet, chatting, playing videos and songs all at the same, you'll need at least 1GB of RAM. Getting a video card helps a lot too. Go to your nearest computer shop and explore your options.

Stack up on disk space. Purchase an external drive where you can store large files. Low disk space can cause your PC speed to dwindle. Seagate's line of external drives are quite good.

That wraps my first real post here on I hope you find it useful! Visit often, there's more coming soon!

Linggo, Pebrero 24, 2008

Laptop/Notebook Cooling Pad

I noticed that my laptop heats up fast after turning it on. I can't put it on my lap without something to protect my thighs from becoming crispy pata. I don't use an aircon in my basement since the temperature's livable (except during summer) and my friends said that I should use an aircon to keep my PCs cool. My Mom's marble table also helps in keeping my laptop's temperature down.

Sweetie said that the best alternative to keeping one's notebook cool is to use a notebook cooler pad. And he lent me the pad he bought at CDR King (for less than PhP500).

I've been using it the past few days and it's kept Happy, happy! I just have to put a book under the cooling pad whenever I use it on my bed since the fans may get caught in the bedding. The blue lights also give the illusion that my laptop's floating.

Cool eh?

Biyernes, Pebrero 15, 2008

Living Without a PC

What would life be without a computer?


That's me flat-lining.

But kidding aside, I cannot imagine living without a PC. I think I would go crazy if I was marooned somewhere without a keyboard to tinker on. I bring Happy wherever I go, but since George has been out of commission I've been shuttling between happy and my work laptop. My files would've been messed up, but I've been relying heavily on Google Docs just so I won't be confused over which file is the latest.

And I was all giggly this morning when I saw the Valentine user interface -

Can't live without the internet either.

Martes, Pebrero 5, 2008

The Mobile Life

I really learned my lesson when George (my PC) crashed while I was out of town. I knew he was on the brink of a heart attack before I left. Unfortunately I failed to do precautionary measures of backing up and changing all access passwords.

And then I got a SMS from Miguel, “George is dead.”

I was almost two hours by plane when I got the message so I couldn’t do anything about it. When I got home Sweetie was kind enough to diagnose the problem an he proclaimed that George’s registry was deleted.

In short, George had amnesia.

It was a painful process of reviving George to life – 5 pages of support instructions from the Microsoft website. George is alive, but still has amnesia. We haven’t had the time to return him to his senses.

Which comes to my topic at point: the mobile life (I just wanted to explain the lack of video posts from me).

I took the plunge out of the corporate life two years ago and I have since been living on several PCs and laptops. Working in very non-traditional conditions, but I would say I’m much, much more productive.

I wake up at around 8 everyday, walk 5 steps to my study room, turn my PC on, beeline to the bathroom while the PC/laptop (whichever I feel like working on) is booting up, then I log-in my mail, go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, go back to the PC and start working.

I’ve been working with the internet in the background for 7 years now and my brain doesn’t really function anymore when I’m not connected. So whenever I have meetings outside of my base, I bring a laptop and go online by connecting to my Globe Visibility. It’s workable in Metro Manila, but a frustration in some key provinces down South. I wish that all cities (including Metro Manila) would follow Davao’s footsteps in providing free wifi anywhere you go!

So that’s my mobile life, I rather connect to the internet with my laptop than my mobile phone (at this point) or PDA (I have friends who really heavily on their PDA, even for monitoring inventory of their business!).

So, this is my Happy notebook without any power needed…

And my Happy notebook now, well most of the time…

What about you? Would you be productive just wearing jammies?

Biyernes, Pebrero 1, 2008

Getting Inspired to Vlog

A lot of Filipino bloggers got interested in video blogging lately, including me, due to vlogs made by vloggers, like Coy Caballes. Coy, who admits to be an attention seeker, find video blogs as a means to express his creative self.

In this interview, Coy shares his experience in video blogs creation, the benefits, and gave tips to those who are planning to venture in it.

For 2008, he hopes to do collaborative work with other bloggers/vloggers.