Lunes, Enero 14, 2008

Episode 2: 02 XDA

We have grown! If you've noticed we've added several bloggers in the fold - a warm welcome to Janette, Coy, Benj and Juned! I couldn't help but smile with the thought that You Got Tech bloggers are not only based in the Philippines (Luzon and Mindanao), but also in the US and Australia! And this expansion happened in less than a month. Please await more exciting news as we grow and share more thoughts and tricks about technology (for non-techies!).

Whew! Now back to regular programming...

Our second hostage for this month is Mhel Garrido a.k.a. Bill Kosme. I'm sure you'd recognize him from somewhere. I ambushed Mhel while having breakfast and had him talk about his favorite mobile phone/PDA, the 02 XDA. (I've been trying to get him to vlog... gimme one more month and I just might be able to convince him by then, I am sure he'll be the best comedy vlogger.)

2 komento:

  1. how about adopting a blogger from the visayas to complete the roster?

    i'd like to help and i'm a frustrated techie. =)


  2. what you're doing is cool and inspiring. im thinking of covering the "techie-ness" of my 74 y.o. father. imagine he uses 3 high-end mobile phones which includes an iPhone. and how, he is making kulit of me orderinga Kindle for him.