Sabado, Pebrero 14, 2009

Introducing Pinoy Tech Podcast

So I found myself joining a podcast over Skype last Friday night. It was fun and refreshing to banter with hardcore developers about a couple of topics. According to Jerome the Pinoy Tech Podcast is meant to be a biweekly discussion about technology in the Philippines. Maybe if I behave I'll get to join them again sometime soon =)

Top: Jon Limjap, Jerome Gotangco, Dean Berris
Bottom: Aileen Apolo, Migs Paraz, Rom Feria

In this episidoe we discussed about:

1. How the podcast came to be (I remember Jerome mentioning it to me a few weeks ago)
2. Plurk and Twitter, Twitter and Plurk
3. The Cyber-Boso Bill
4. Open Source in the Philippines

Listen to it here -

Or download it here. For more new podcasts visit Pinoy Tech Podcast (title's tentative).