Biyernes, Pebrero 1, 2008

Getting Inspired to Vlog

A lot of Filipino bloggers got interested in video blogging lately, including me, due to vlogs made by vloggers, like Coy Caballes. Coy, who admits to be an attention seeker, find video blogs as a means to express his creative self.

In this interview, Coy shares his experience in video blogs creation, the benefits, and gave tips to those who are planning to venture in it.

For 2008, he hopes to do collaborative work with other bloggers/vloggers.

5 komento:

  1. Oh man, I just admitted I'm an attention whore, uh, seeker. LOL. Did I actually say that? Haha!

    Now I REALLY NEED to post na! Yikes!

  2. @jehzeel - so na-inspire ka na ba mag vlog?

    @coy - yay! post na post na!

  3. I got a new video onin my youtube channel. Coy is my first subscriber. wohooO! Now I'm getting inspired to do more Vlogs. hahahaa.

    @cokskiblue: thanks for the subscription coy. ;)

    @jehz: mag-vlog ka. ikaw ang magiging pinakasikat na video blogger from vis-min. hahahaha. pero magsuklay ka muna bago mo kunan sarili mo. :P

    @ate aileen: i'll post a new vid on wednesday. i still have to work on my school stuff.