Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2008

Episode 4: Kodak Easyshare V603

I went bonkers when I watched You Got Tech Kid's video "Episode 3: iPod Touch". Why? Coz the video looked professionally done! I'm just onto my 6th video (3 are here on You Got Tech, 1 in An Apple a Day and 1, oh never mind, you can check out everything at my Youtube Channel) and I know I've messing up a bit in my quest to learn how to edit videos (calling Coy! Coy!!! Heeeelllppp!!!).

Anyway, moving on moving on... we're all here to learn and be challenged to do better each and every time we make a post. I just wanted to share what I've been using to create my videos. I always say I just use a "camera for idiots". I'm not a techie person and I don't have the luxury of time (and money) to acquire skills and equipment.

Here's the video:

I mainly use my camera to document my activities and discovered how easy it is to take videos. I haven't really tried stitching videos and editing that much - I'm still learning that - that's why I just normally do 1 or 2 takes of whatever it is I want to post about. I wanted to put "flying captions" (I don't know what it's called) in this video, but I couldn't figure it out, I'll go bug Mhel when I see him on Friday. Well... eventually I will be an expert!

I finally met Coy last night in the Digitalfilipino club eyeball held at Tektite and hung-out with a couple of fab people (vloggers and technopreneurs).

Jovel and Randy (seated)
AJ, Coy, Arbet, Janette, me, JayDJ, Buddy (standing)

And instead of introducing myself the usual way I introduced You Got Tech and I was happy to note that those who attended were bobbing their heads when I mentioned that it's a tech blog for non-techies (yes Coy, it's our advocacy).

My "I eat adobo" shirt was a hit as well LOL.

Miyerkules, Enero 16, 2008

YGT Mobile Guy

Hi everyone, MiGs here.

Thanks to Ms. Google Philippines, Aileen Apolo for having me on board You Got Tech.

I'm one of four guys here from Mindanao.

Here in YGT, I'll be your Mobile guy. I'll try to show you the who, what, where, when, how, and why..... huh? hahahha..

So make sure to bookmark this site and/or subscribe to its RSS feeds.


Episode 3: iPod Touch

This is supposed to be the second episode, but unfortunately, my friend took some time editing this 2 minute video interview. This is the first video blog I made.

Our third victim is a Business Administration student of the Ateneo de Davao University. His name is Cris Francia. I asked him to feature his iPod Touch for this blog. I'd also like to thank him for doing the editing of this video.

I got distracted by a guy singing My Way in American Idol while doing this post.

Lunes, Enero 14, 2008

Episode 2: 02 XDA

We have grown! If you've noticed we've added several bloggers in the fold - a warm welcome to Janette, Coy, Benj and Juned! I couldn't help but smile with the thought that You Got Tech bloggers are not only based in the Philippines (Luzon and Mindanao), but also in the US and Australia! And this expansion happened in less than a month. Please await more exciting news as we grow and share more thoughts and tricks about technology (for non-techies!).

Whew! Now back to regular programming...

Our second hostage for this month is Mhel Garrido a.k.a. Bill Kosme. I'm sure you'd recognize him from somewhere. I ambushed Mhel while having breakfast and had him talk about his favorite mobile phone/PDA, the 02 XDA. (I've been trying to get him to vlog... gimme one more month and I just might be able to convince him by then, I am sure he'll be the best comedy vlogger.)

Linggo, Enero 13, 2008

Drew Got Tech!

Hey there, it's me Andrew dela Serna of Alleba Blog. I'm part of the You Got Tech team led by my friend Aileen. Back then we were tossing around some ideas for a collaborative blog and finally settled for a tech blog, which is exciting because I am a techie person. I like buying gadgets, period. I'll try to make it a point to purchase a few per month and blog about them here. When I say gadgets it will not be limited to the usual portable music and video players, or the ubiquitous laptop computers. I'll most likely post a lot about stuff like watches, which I have only recently begun to love wearing, and other neat cutting edge machinery that make life a little cooler, not to mention easier.

Aileen says that YGT (new acronym I made up) will be a vlog. It's certainly something I haven't done before, nor ever planned on doing since I don't like watching myself and I'm shy when it comes to these things. But I guess all of that has got to change now that I'm part of this gig. Hopefully you guys will tune in often and join us in exploring the tech world one step at a time.

Martes, Enero 8, 2008

Episode 1: Fuji Camera

It's been a week since the new year started and since we launched this blog. We've been quite busy behind the scenes discussing what to do and how to do it. It's easy to do a vlog, but time is always a scarce resource.

As I mentioned in the first post, You Got Tech is all about discovering technology, may it be consumer products such as cameras, USB thumb drives, or apps/software, how-to-dos and questions that non-techies like me always have in mind but are too scared to ask (so if you are a techie you'll probably get bored with this blog, might as well volunteer to show-and-tell your favorite gadget/technology? Leave me a note below please if you are willing). My other objective is to learn how to edit videos, so please forgive my humble first-video-edit (actually my second, the first one was for my parents')... I'm still learning the trade.

So, here's our very first hostage for You Got Tech, JayDJ talks about his favorite gadget -

Oh, BTW, JayDJ meant DSLR not DSL, he was quite distracted (you know... at the beach...). You may also want to check out some of the photos that he took using his camera at Titikpilipino's Photo Gallery.

You Got Tech Kid

Hi! This is Winston of BatangYagit.com, a yagit kid from Davao.

I am here to help my friend, Ate Aileen, in building this slightly-techy blog. We're here to discuss techy stuff to none techy people.

What to expect from the Yagit Kid?
I'm planning to interview the technology-inclined people (and by that, I mean the students who have the gadgets I want to review) in my school. Most of them have the "New", "Hot", and "In", things that, unfortunately, I don't have. *cough* Sponsors and Donations *cough*.

If they are nice enough to lend me thier gadgets for the duration of the interview, then I can have an in-depth review of the gadget. I will not be lucky enough to actually use any of these gadgets for a long time, so maybe my reviews will be more on impressions of the first time encounters with the gadgets.

Don't worry though, if I get to use some of the gadgets I reviewed before some more, i will be sure to update the reviews on my Tech-O-Rati blog.