Martes, Enero 8, 2008

You Got Tech Kid

Hi! This is Winston of, a yagit kid from Davao.

I am here to help my friend, Ate Aileen, in building this slightly-techy blog. We're here to discuss techy stuff to none techy people.

What to expect from the Yagit Kid?
I'm planning to interview the technology-inclined people (and by that, I mean the students who have the gadgets I want to review) in my school. Most of them have the "New", "Hot", and "In", things that, unfortunately, I don't have. *cough* Sponsors and Donations *cough*.

If they are nice enough to lend me thier gadgets for the duration of the interview, then I can have an in-depth review of the gadget. I will not be lucky enough to actually use any of these gadgets for a long time, so maybe my reviews will be more on impressions of the first time encounters with the gadgets.

Don't worry though, if I get to use some of the gadgets I reviewed before some more, i will be sure to update the reviews on my Tech-O-Rati blog.

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