Linggo, Enero 13, 2008

Drew Got Tech!

Hey there, it's me Andrew dela Serna of Alleba Blog. I'm part of the You Got Tech team led by my friend Aileen. Back then we were tossing around some ideas for a collaborative blog and finally settled for a tech blog, which is exciting because I am a techie person. I like buying gadgets, period. I'll try to make it a point to purchase a few per month and blog about them here. When I say gadgets it will not be limited to the usual portable music and video players, or the ubiquitous laptop computers. I'll most likely post a lot about stuff like watches, which I have only recently begun to love wearing, and other neat cutting edge machinery that make life a little cooler, not to mention easier.

Aileen says that YGT (new acronym I made up) will be a vlog. It's certainly something I haven't done before, nor ever planned on doing since I don't like watching myself and I'm shy when it comes to these things. But I guess all of that has got to change now that I'm part of this gig. Hopefully you guys will tune in often and join us in exploring the tech world one step at a time.

3 komento:

  1. Good luck Koya! Pa-share naman ng gadgets...

  2. the techie-est cousin of all.. :D good luck!:D

  3. ei Drew ! welcome aboard ! actually ako dapat iwelcome mo since di ako official member, contributor lang :)

    If it's any consolation, wear shades when you make your video. Baka makatulong sa pagiging shy. Or if really shy, wear a Dark Vader mask... kaya lang baka puro hinga yung marinig namin.

    Looking forward to your featured gadget !