Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

Globe Launches 4G Tattoo Stick

As announced a few weeks ago during the Globe 4G launch, Globe now has a new Tattoo stick (USB modem).

As advised during the 4G launch users must have a device that has the capacity to handle HSPA (4G), so if you want to experience this on Globe you either have to get this Tattoo stick or a 4G capable phone/tablet/newer laptop.

The Tattoo stick is available at Surf-All-You-Want Plan 2,199. More info available at

We got the chance to experience the super speed Globe was claiming during the event and here's what we got when we did a speedtest on Internet Explorer (right) and Google Chrome (left).

The new Globe Tattoo endorser for the Globe Tattoo stick, Marlon Stockinger.

And the rest of the Globe Tattoo endorsers -

During the launch, Globe mentioned their new Video Messaging Service (VMS). This is something I can try using my Nexus S. Just need to find out if my video messages can be access by anyone with/without a smartphone.