Lunes, Hunyo 2, 2008

Vlogging with an Indie Film Director

I'm still getting my act together about my vlogs. I was supposed to join some vlogging contests, but I got too busy and then eventually got sick, so my Youtube channel has been a bit quiet for sometime now. I just recently watched two indie films and was curious about how real movie directors think about it.

I asked Rica Arevalo, awarded by Cinemalaya for best director for the film "ICU Bed #7" if she thought that vloggers can be successful in making short films. This is what she has to say,

Yes of couse, anyone who has a camera can do any film. You just have to understand the "film language" very well. Remember these are moving images, it has its own way of communicating. So a vlogger must learn how to use images as their tool for storytelling. If one succeeds in combining good substance (story/content) and technical expertise into a coherent film, then it would benefit everyone.

A filmmaker makes a film for the big screen while you guys have a small screen to show your stuff so composition of shots and shot sizes are crucial to your storytelling.

The Komikero has been dabbling in producing short films and here's "True Love" -

Not ready to make a short film? Here's YGT contributors Ria and Andrew's entry for the McDonald's pa-burger spoof contest.

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