Huwebes, Mayo 29, 2008

Vlogging with Buddy

The Universal McCann study on "Social Media Usage" noted that in the Philippines almost 100% of active internet users watch videos and a significant number also upload videos online (for more info about this study visit Stitching). In the Philippine blogosphere a number of bloggers are also trying their hand on video blogging including YGT contributors, Coy, Juned, Janette, Ria, and myself. Following our talk on podcasting and vlogging during iBlog4, Coy and I thought of doing a small workshop to understand the platform better... ergo... we want to improve our videos and make it more interesting to watch.

Buddy Gancenia, a renowned and multi-awarded videographer, has been quite active in taking videos for IT events. I met him when I did my very first talk at the Philippine Trade & Training Center almost 2 years ago and have since bumped into him a couple of times in events. He graciously volunteered and spent some time with a small group of video bloggers in a workshop entitled, "Vlogging with Buddy".

During the workshop, Buddy taught us tips and techniques on how we could improve our video blogs. Noteworthy were the following:

1. Prepare the story.
2. Make sure you know what you are going to shoot.
3. Sometimes it's really good to have a lot of footage.
4. Be conscious of continuity.
5. Make sure your audio is crisp and understandable.

Here's the presentation that Buddy used -

He also showed samples of videos that were edited - good and bad editing, and gave a lot of samples that were inspiring (and inspired a number of us to tie the knot hehehe). Check out Buddy's videos at the BuddyRealityTV Youtube channel.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm starting to include videos on my blog and i found your site as Janette Toral points me to it. she's right indeed your site will be a big help for us newbies in vlogging.
    I will always visit your site for some useful info about video making. as i am now trying to make small documentaries of subjects that caught my interest.
    Thanks for a great site!