Linggo, Pebrero 24, 2008

Laptop/Notebook Cooling Pad

I noticed that my laptop heats up fast after turning it on. I can't put it on my lap without something to protect my thighs from becoming crispy pata. I don't use an aircon in my basement since the temperature's livable (except during summer) and my friends said that I should use an aircon to keep my PCs cool. My Mom's marble table also helps in keeping my laptop's temperature down.

Sweetie said that the best alternative to keeping one's notebook cool is to use a notebook cooler pad. And he lent me the pad he bought at CDR King (for less than PhP500).

I've been using it the past few days and it's kept Happy, happy! I just have to put a book under the cooling pad whenever I use it on my bed since the fans may get caught in the bedding. The blue lights also give the illusion that my laptop's floating.

Cool eh?

5 komento:

  1. that's one cool cooling pad... heheh

  2. @jerome locson - correct! I think I will permanently lend it hehehe

  3. astig yan ah
    i like it ! esp. the light

    di ko makita kanina yung comments link ahhahhaha
    naka tagalog pala kasi.

    ayun "puna"

  4. I also bought mine from CDR king.
    but mine has a recliner.

    check it here:

  5. laptops have built-in coolers/fans and all we have to worry about is on how to make it more functional.

    inclining balls are more practical to use. besides, it's handier and easier to use.

    inclining balls lifts the back portion of the laptop thereby allowing air to pass by the bottom. the laptop's own fans will do the rest of the job! you don't need an additional fan!

    this cooling pad doesn't even look good when you're outside like for example in a coffee shop. eryt?