Martes, Pebrero 5, 2008

The Mobile Life

I really learned my lesson when George (my PC) crashed while I was out of town. I knew he was on the brink of a heart attack before I left. Unfortunately I failed to do precautionary measures of backing up and changing all access passwords.

And then I got a SMS from Miguel, “George is dead.”

I was almost two hours by plane when I got the message so I couldn’t do anything about it. When I got home Sweetie was kind enough to diagnose the problem an he proclaimed that George’s registry was deleted.

In short, George had amnesia.

It was a painful process of reviving George to life – 5 pages of support instructions from the Microsoft website. George is alive, but still has amnesia. We haven’t had the time to return him to his senses.

Which comes to my topic at point: the mobile life (I just wanted to explain the lack of video posts from me).

I took the plunge out of the corporate life two years ago and I have since been living on several PCs and laptops. Working in very non-traditional conditions, but I would say I’m much, much more productive.

I wake up at around 8 everyday, walk 5 steps to my study room, turn my PC on, beeline to the bathroom while the PC/laptop (whichever I feel like working on) is booting up, then I log-in my mail, go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, go back to the PC and start working.

I’ve been working with the internet in the background for 7 years now and my brain doesn’t really function anymore when I’m not connected. So whenever I have meetings outside of my base, I bring a laptop and go online by connecting to my Globe Visibility. It’s workable in Metro Manila, but a frustration in some key provinces down South. I wish that all cities (including Metro Manila) would follow Davao’s footsteps in providing free wifi anywhere you go!

So that’s my mobile life, I rather connect to the internet with my laptop than my mobile phone (at this point) or PDA (I have friends who really heavily on their PDA, even for monitoring inventory of their business!).

So, this is my Happy notebook without any power needed…

And my Happy notebook now, well most of the time…

What about you? Would you be productive just wearing jammies?

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