Huwebes, Mayo 5, 2011

Smart Bro APN Settings

I had a problem getting my Cherry Mobile Android tablet to go online using 3G. I wanted to use a Smart SIM on it , but wasn't sure whether it was okay to use a Smart Buddy SIM or if I needed a Smart Bro SIM so I could go online. With Globe they don't have that differentiation. I tried to ask advise from Smart's customer care on Twitter, they acknowledged my query, but they never gave me an answer. I got advise from some friends in Smart and they said it's best to use a Smart Bro SIM on my tablet if I was just going to use it mostly for connecting to the internet.

So I did. The next question was about the APN settings. I did some Google searches, but nothing really helped. The Smart website didn't have any updated info on APN settings for a Smart Bro SIM. So I went to a Smart Wireless Center and showed the customer service person my settings and he said said they were fine. I wanted to check whether it would work, but he said I needed to wait an hour. I felt that he really didn't know and wanted me far away before I got the chance to check whether the settings I tweaked last night was indeed correct.

It didn't! So essentially I just wanted 30 minutes of my time waiting at the Smart Wireless Center and what "expert help" I was supposed to get wasn't there. That guy made me believe that my settings were correct and that it would already work. Argh.

So back to square one. I searched again on Google and chanced upon a comment in one of the forums. I tried several suggestions, but this one finally worked (I use an Android tablet):

APN Name: smartbro
APN: smartbro
MCC: 515
MNC: 03
Authentication type: PAP

I simply added an APN and inputted "smartbro" as the APN Name and APN, saved it, and finally managed to go online.

And to that customer care guy, well, gee, you should have just been upfront and said you were not sure.

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  1. Good thing you got it fixed with Google's help. I'm having problems with Globe naman. Settings are apparently ok according to their CSR but it still doesn't work. I'm using a Galaxy Tab, by the way. so now I'm stuck with using a Smart Buddy sim. We almost have the same settings except that my sim's APN Name is Smart Internet and the APN is internet.

  2. @Mauie I have settings for Globe somewhere here in my blog. I also had to figure it out for my Nexusone coz the reps at Globe were not familiar with the phone. It should work, pareho naman Android.

  3. Hi

    We (Tweakker) have launched an Android application that will help users worldwide set up their internet (APN) settings.. We hope many could be interested in testing this new application. Even though your internet is working on your phone you can still try the app and help us improve it. You can download it directly from the Android Market - just search for Tweakker .. or learn more on and contact us directly on if you have feedback or run into problems.

  4. thank you for the posting. SMART technical support was of no help to me. I was in Ali Mall at the SMART store and was given a service # but thanks to your info, I am now using the mobile internet on my HTC AMAZE 4G, aka HTC Ruby.

    marameng salamat!

  5. May android tablet ako bakit ang tagal mag connect ang smart bro ko sa android tablet ko ano ang gagawin ko

  6. tested tweakker for my cherry mobile stellar android. doesn't work.

    tried the smartbro method. doesn't work either.

    must try something else. :)

  7. Guys, i just want to emphasize na ung tablet, nagsusuport ng 3g connection. Ordinary sim will do. Hindi kelangang broadband sim xa from sun, smart or globe. Ung apn for smart is internet. For sun it is minternet. For globe it is Tapos ung device name is *99#. I hope these can help.

  8. bakit sa APNs ko wala nkalagay? empty.. hayz help amn. cherrypad din gmit ko.. :(( ngttry ako mgsave ng new.. ayaw amn mgregster .

  9. I am trying to get a Smart Bro broadband device to work in my Mac with an M1 broadband card from Singapore with no luck. Can anyone help???

  10. I have galaxy note and i dont know how to set up the smartbro in it..please help me..

  11. Hi,

    I'm also having the same difficulty with my galaxy tab.
    I'd like to use my smartbro share-it SIM.
    I was told in another forum to change the APN to smartbrofixed but to no avail.

    this is how it looks like:

  12. So,thanks for giving us the settigns for the smartbro sim.Now, Is it working even without credit? Thanks!

  13. Hey,

    im having troubles in connecting to the internet using smartbro sim for my phone, naka register pa naman to to unlimited surfing for 2 days. I want to know how did you guys connect to the internet? my settings are alright naman. i dont know exactly what's wrong with this one since this is my first time. Please help i need a guru here . Thanks ! :D

  14. This will help you set up APNs in Android ICS

  15. Setup New APNs in Android 4.0.x ICS

  16. adding apn in android 4.0.x ics

    pag ka add ko ng apn, 3g is now enabled.