Biyernes, Mayo 6, 2011

Globe 4G

Last week, my vlogging partner, Coy, invited me to attend Globe's 4G presscon. Since I was in the area I said I'd go. It took me awhile to make my post coz I had to digest all the nosebleed, techie stuff that was discussed there.

So... I will not attempt to explain the technical discussion since I honestly did not understand any of it. What I understood though is the following:

1. Globe's 4G is still on its way. They just have a handful of sites that are up (one is near Heritage Hotel in Pasay).

2. 4G technology isn't really here yet. They mentioned that their 4G mobile technology utilizes the global standard HSPA+. In lay-man's term, basta di hamak mas mabilis!

3. You need a new device so you can enjoy the new network. If you don't have one, the new network is going to help improve connectivity for 3G users.

4. Globe is aggressively expanding availability and here's the map (unfortunately no roll out where I live). They have deployed it in 19 areas, namely Marikina, QC, Makati, Pasay, Las Pinas, Taguig and Manila.

5. Watch out for handsets, devices and apps that Globe's launching this May. I spotted a nice and shiny Android phone during the event :)

So, what do you think?

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