Martes, Mayo 17, 2011

Philippine Android Apps

Thought I'd do a little research to find out what kind of local Android apps we have from the Philippines. Here are some:


Philippine Daily Inquirer
GMA News Online
Philippine News by Danigo
Philippine News by Levitan Software (company based in Aklan)
Kabayan News by Harold Mondonedo


Globe Muzta


Movies for Smart
Games for Smart
Music for Smart
Flames by Jerome Locson
Life Stories by Marc Tan
FML Widget by Marc Tan
Manila: Open City Movie


PBA Official
Cebu Running Events by Max Limpag


Philippines Travel Options
General Douglas MacArthur
NDrive Indonesia & Philippines
MRT-LRT Station Guide
Manila Manual
Taxi Mate (Manila)
Manila City App
Manila Street Map
The Last Jeep to Baclaran
Cebu City App
Travel Guide - PH - Cebu City
Davao Manual
Baguio City App


Magical Shirt
Ang Mahiwagang Kamisetang Lite
D Source Boxing


Click the City
Philippines Quick Facts
Flashcards - Tagalog
Conversational Tagalog
Moon Phase Widget by Marc Tan
125+Venture Capitalists by Marc Tan
Order ni Mrs. (recipes)

Real Estate

It's My Pad


Enjoy PH
Tapa Boy
SM Malls Map and Directory
FullPage for Ebay PH


Philippines ADW Theme
Mercedes Benz PH
APKoptic by Marc Tan
Handy Poll by Marc Tan
Clickr by Marc Tan
Shake2Random by Jerome Locson


Learn Filipino Free Wordpower
Tagalog Slang
English to Filipino Flash Cards
My Words Learn Filipino
Tagalog Verbs
Tagalog FilipinoTranslator
Tagalog Basics
Flashcards - Tagalog
Learn Tagalog
123s sa Tagalog
Lingopal Tagalog (Filipino)
Filipino English Jibbigo
Tagalog Daily 10
Tagalog Vocabulary Quiz
Plugin Filipino Tagalog
Tagalog Tutor
(and there's a lot more in this category)

I just found these by doing a search for "Philippines" on the Android Market. Please let me know if you know of any Philippine-made Android apps.

2 komento:

  1. - Clickthecity app for schedules of Philippine entertainment.
    - Jobstreet app for looking for jobs (it includes Singapore, other countries, but you can limit your location the Philippines.