Huwebes, Marso 27, 2008

You Got Tech Episode 10

Kuya Blogie of bought a new phone sometime in December, on the day we had our first official Davao Food Trip (Zakoya). In this video, he talks about his new Nokia6500 Classic, its features and other advantages he finds about his new gadget.

Please watch the video:

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  1. Well, my phone's now at 3,000+ messages in the inbox (and almost the same number in the Sent Folder). Accessing the inbox is still pretty fast, but not as fast as when there were only a few hundred messages, of course.

    Kaya lang nga, when I had to restart the phone yesterday... ang bagaaaaal ng loading ng inbox. I think it took more than 5 minutes!

    Ok, so nalaman ko na ang behavior ng phone ko kung ganito na karami ang text messages. So, delete ko na siguro no? Hehehe...