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Landline mobile - mobile landline?

Back then, people were asking.. "how can i make my landline phone portable?"

Now, its the other way around... how mobile phones can be used as landline phones... primarily because of the cost.. its cheaper to use a landline to call another landline number right?

As far as i can remember, as early as 2006, some mobile networks here in the Philippines have released their service of making landlines portable. One example is Bayantel. They released Bayan span (I think its now called Bayan Wireless landline). Then there's Globe's Wireless landline. ummm.. ever heard of Digitel's Mango (mobile access network for the Man on the Go)? And now, i'm sure you've been hearing the buzz about PLDT's landline plus.

Aside from being a normal landline phone, it is also bundled with the service of a broadband or DSL connection.

Different networks, different range of services, and some have different units.. which one would you get?

Here are the basic factors in choosing:

  1. The Price
  2. Performance (Speed, clarity, availability)
  3. Coverage/location
  4. Unit
  5. After sales Service


Always look for a cheap yet good service. Is there such a thing? fortunately.. yes! Its just hard to find.. hehehhehe


this refers to the :

  • Speed - speed in connecting or using the service most specially when using it to surf the internet.
  • clarity of the voice during use,
  • availability of the service - can you use it anytime you want, no busy signals, no or less downtimes


Currently, network coverage for wireless landline phones are limited. Like for only key cities or for a specific Barangay, village, or subdivision.

Unit (equipment)

There are different units which you can choose from.. there's one that looks like a regular landline unit, one that looks like a remote control, those that looks like a cellphone, and... yes.. an actual cellphone.

Here are some facts...

Before you can only use CDMA phones as a "landline". Now, you can also use any GSM phone. So what's the difference between CDMA and GSM? And if you already have a CMDA or GSM phone, then do you still need to buy another unit? What phone's are CDMA and GSM?

CMDA and GSM are two of the main competing mobile technologies.

Its a bit complicated, so imagine GSM is like the jeepney and CDMA is like a Cab/taxi. Both helps you get to your destination right? But both have their pros and cons. Like CDMA has a limit to the number of users.. the more the users.. the poor the performance of the network.

And one of the biggest difference between the two is that GSM phones uses SIM cards while CDMA phones do not.

There are phones which are both CMDA and GSM capable. => Where does 3G come in? Well its a long story.. hahahha so lets stick to these two first and I won't go deeper. Its just enough for you to know that they are different.

So, do you own a GSM or CDMA capable mobile phone? What does this mean? This means maybe you don't need to get a NEW unit.

Like in PLDT's offer, you can turn your GSM phone into a landline phone by just getting a sim card. Or if you have an existing Nokia CDMA phone (like nokia 2225, 6265, 2125) then maybe you can just activate the chosen service (as your service provider for this option).

Cut the cost!

After-sales service

This is the least concern of most people which i think should be on the top 2 most important things to consider.

You see, based from my experience and those that i read in the forums, after sales is becoming a nightmare!

Yes, you have those 24/7 call centers that can assist in basic troubleshooting or getting your concerns... but for some, you still have to wait and build up steam and eventually get mad for slow support.

As a final suggestion... before getting a wireless landline service.. make some research.. google around first.. search for "wireless+landline" or you can ask around your neighborhood.. surely there's someone out there who's using or has tried using this.. check what they have to say.

To help you out, here are some sites you can check:

First pic from Art Samaniego


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  1. Correction.

    It's not totally true that CDMA phones has no SIM. The "SIM" for CDMA phones are called R-UIM which stands for Re-Usable Identification Module and was first made available in China last 2002. By 2005 most CDMA phones supports R-UIM.

    BTW Smart is a CDMA based telco (most probably why rolled out the landline thing with PLDT) which also means GSM phones can work with CDMA carriers.

    How? Secret :D

  2. I would have loved to have a mobile landline years back. Now I would find it too bulky. Although it is very convenient :)