Lunes, Marso 10, 2008

Dress-up your iPod

I was very disappointed with my iPod cover (the rubber one) when it was torn last week. I found out I forgot to separate my iPod from my ofice keys. (careless Kid). Anyway, I asked my colleagues, Andie and Cris,this afternoon to accompany me in looking for a new protective case for my iPod.

The two brought me to DCLA in Uyanguren, the equivalent of Greenhills in Davao (I think). They've been there before and were able to dress up their iPods for cheap prices. After spending a few minutes of hopping from one shop to another, I was able to get the following items for my iPod Video:

iPod Ear Phone Cap

Three sets of these Ear Phone Caps are worth P150 but I was able to get it for P120. Buy these from Power Mac, it'll cost you at least P500.

White Leather Case

This is the best deal I got. The first shop we went in sells this item for P500. The price of this item is P120 but I was able to get it for P100. Neat isn't it?

A tip when dressing up your iPod: you can get much at a lower price when you know the right place to go. Also, brand names don't matter.

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  1. I also finally managed to get a leather case for my iPod. It took me 5 months before I found what I wanted and good thing was the case I wanted wasn't available in the first stall so we walked around a bit and found the one I wanted, at 20% off the price from the first shop. Goes to show that canvassing is important before purchasing anything!

  2. hehehehe.. galing mong tumawad ah... from 500 to 120, to 100.. wahehehe :D

    yung earphone mo pala di ko pa nadaan sa greenbelt.. wahehehe :D