Linggo, Nobyembre 15, 2015

Edu App: Padlet

Remember the days when your teacher would ask people to contribute to a list as a means to get students to recite? I absolutely hated that. I don't like reciting in class and don't like being called by my teacher to recite. It's not because I didn't know the answer, I just don't like calling attention to myself (introvert alert!). I was lucky though because when I was taking my MBA my professor started to integrate the use of technology in the classroom. We used Yahoo Groups to bring discussions online (circa year 2000) and my professor told me that I was the biggest beneficiary. I thrived because I managed to contribute a lot to the discussions.

A few weeks back we were visiting a school and part of the exercise was done online. We had to contribute to a "list". This time though we did it silently using our devices. The teacher set up a Google Sites page and embedded a Padlet wall. So what it does is it allows students to collaborate on a "wall". They can post answers/messages/lists etc. onto the wall either anonymously or they can opt to include their name. The teacher then is allowed to organize the notes and move it around if he/she wishes to categorize answers. Aside from saving a lot of time, Padlet allows a whole class to contribute and collaborate on an assigned task.  Check out this sample class wall from Padlet. The only drawback though is it's a paid service, but they have a free trial for 30 days.

And Padlet is coming soon to Google Apps, Edmodo and other LMS integration! =)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one Aileen. This is really nice. But I have a question, is it free when it become part of Google App?

  2. @Gary thanks for reading! This is a third-party app so I have no idea if it will be free as part of Google Apps.