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Edu App: Jooma Jam!

It's been awhile since I posted on this blog. I don't really see myself as entirely techy like my cohorts in this blog. My work focus has shifted as well so I don't do dev related stuff anymore. And then I realized there is something techy I could blog about -- apps for educators! Aha!

I wanted to kick off this series of posts by featuring an app that's made locally in the Philippines by Ritmo Learning Lab Inc. Together with rockstar, Vin Dancel, Jooma Jam is an educational app that combines multi-lingual music, videos and games for progressive learning. The app includes music videos, camera based activities that get kids to play and interact with their environment, and other educational videos for added learning.

The Jooma Jam team was recently in Singapore for a 2-day mentorship program with Samsung. It is one of the prizes they won from Kickstart. They also received funding and will present at the Singtel-Samsung Innovation Challenge in Jakarta in December (good luck guys!). I had the chance to sit down with Vin last week during their visit and he showed me the updated app.

The Jooma Jam team visiting Google.
Photo courtesy of Erika Gatmaitan.

Vin mentioned that the app is good for use by parents and their children since they can use this for bonding activities. I tried out the interactive game where you have to take photos based on the instructions (i.e. take photos of anything in red) and it was a fun activity. There were also videos that kids can sing along with. Vin said that schools can reach out to them to learn more about using music for learning since they offer trainings for schools as well.

To try out Jooma Jam, please go to Jooma Jam or Google Play.

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