Martes, Nobyembre 9, 2010

Unboxing the iPed, the Android Tablet from Divisoria

So Jay took the risk and got himself the iPed last weekend in Divisoria. It cost PhP4,300 including the keyboard with case. 

Included in the box were the following: Android 7" tablet, charger, USB connection. 

Here's how it looks with the keyboard (includes case and stylus*):

Here are specs based on the available info (no info on processor etc.): 

Memory: 256 MB
Model number: Generic
Firmware version: 1.6
Kernel version: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build number: WMT2.0

The applications included are as follows: chat tool, e-mail, file explore, my photo, my video, Youtube, magic album, my music, camera.

Settings that can be personalized: wireless controls (wifi/3G), sound and display, apps, SD cards and devices (you can add a micro-SD for added storage space), date and time, locale and text (it was actually defaulted in Chinese!), about device, touchpanel calibration. 

What we've so far used it for:

1. Browsing
2. Watching Youtube videos
3. Typing/checking docs/spreadsheet
4. Listening to music
5. Watching videos (through a file)
6.  Easy games -- Angry Birds doesn't work on it

What we need to check on:
1. Battery life
2. Upgrade firmware
3. If it would work on Globe Tattoo/Smart Bro. Saleslady said it wouldn't work if you use the Sun Cellular dongle. 

The saleslady wasn't really helpful when another customer asked questions about what apps would work on the tablet. She just kept saying "Go to the Android site". It was her standard answer for questions she didn't understand.

If you intend to purchase an Android tablet, be forthright with your purpose for getting one. Jay got it because he wanted to have a handy gadget to browse the internet anywhere around our home. If your objective is to use it like a laptop then it would probably be better for you to a purchase a high-end tablet. 

You'll get what you pay for :)

*Do not use the stylus. It scratches the surface easily. 

More pics!

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  1. Great review and pics :D

    I can't wait to hear about the battery.
    What did she mean by Globe tattoo works with it? Non-3G to diba?

  2. my tablet looks good in pictures ! :)

  3. @Evan John that's what we have to try pa. Hopefully it'll work. We just need to load up our Globe Tattoo para ma-try ;)

    @Jay kinarir ko yan. Guess where I took the photos? Sa may stairway! Haha.

  4. In fairness! How many USB slots does it have?

  5. In fairness! How many USB slots does it have?

  6. i think i need a tablet..for headache!

  7. How many hours battery life? :)

  8. was it worth it, aileen?

    been pondering that since i have the china TV phone. para pair sila. LOL.

  9. Interesting,. Might try one. But hopefully you can tell us if it works on Sun Wireless Broadband. I use that kasi.

  10. interesting! this will be a great pair for my laptop. id like this just for movie purposes and yeah easy carry around for browsing the internet.

  11. @poyt it has 2 USB ports. it comes with an adapter that can let you hook up 2 USB devices and a LAN cable.

  12. will you recommend for others to buy this gadget?

  13. it doesn't work on Sun Broadband USB daw, only Globe Tattoo. It has something to do with the broadband modem model. It's compatible with the huwaei modems. I haven't tried any of the broadband USBs though. I've only been using WIFI.

    Would I recommend it ? You should know why you would want this.

    If you're going to use it mainly for surfing the net, then yes, I highly recommend it. That was the main reason I got one.

    If you're going to use it for games and video, I don't recommend it because processor intensive processes will cause sluggish performance.

    If you're going to use it for photo viewing, I'd recommend it.

    So it boils down to what's your purpose is in getting a tablet.

    If you want a tablet that can do anything and everything, I suggest you get the high-end tablets.

  14. Here's what I got online from those who have the same model, firmwar and built as mine:

    You have one of the MANY VIA 8505 CPU tablets running 1.6 Android. The likelihood is that you are close to the newest firmware available

    These tablets are the low power CPU sold for as economy tablets (see the BogoMIPS value) You will not be able to do much other than EReader and WebBrowser. You might be able root and load SetCPU. This could improve performance some. But you got what you paid for.

    This is a great learning tablet. But it is comparable to the lowest power car you could buy. You can do many things with this tablet. But do not expect loading 2.1 or 2.2 or viewing HD video.

  15. I read you post the other day... anyway i went to 168 and bought one... Taray sales lady dun sa store na binilan mo.. kaya i look fo other store that could answer all my questions...
    when i was in the middle of don't know wer in 168.. very accomudating naman sila.. may sun broadband sila and showed it works... mine is smartbro still don't know how to configure it.. so aniway dalin na lang niyo broadband niyo they will configure it for you...

  16. some friends are planning to buy this too! mukhang sulit for them. ako, i want to know how it works with globe tattoo dongle sana... if it's good, bibili rin ako!! Hehe.

  17. ask ko lng po... may GPS function ba yang iPed..? ^_^

  18. nlgyn nyo na po ba ng mga iba pang applications? how did it work? does it save sa internal storage or sa sd? how much ang internal storage capacity? tnx po.. :)

  19. the saved apps are stored in internal memory. i download the apps on the sd card in the tablet and install them to internal from there.

    Nope, walang GPS function ang Iped. In short, if you want to use it to check in to places on foursquare, you'll have to manually search for it.

  20. hi jay,

    I'm planning to buy one. Kumusta battery? na subukan mo ba i-update software? Encountered any problems?

  21. Battery life is better than I expected. Akala ko wala pang 2 hrs. but kaya siya ng up to 2.5 hrs. I haven't updated the software/firmware. medyo takot pa kasi di pa ako confident gawin mag-isa. although there are several tutorials online on how to do it, but there are risks that you might break it. if you successfully upgrade it, i read that the android market will be accessible.

    for me, sulit siya considering I don't have a budget yet for the high-end ones

  22. jay may back up rom ka ba nito?

  23. how much po uli ang tablet n to?thanks

  24. @Anonymous it's on the first line of the post.

  25. Guys isa-isahin natin pra sa mga interesadong bumili ng mga android pc. First of all dont expect it to have a function which is the same as a notebook or a lap top. Kahit pa high end pc tablet bilin nyo the function is the same ITS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT, u can store your fave music, pictures, browsing in the internet, android games. sa movies or videos mpeg and mp4 files lang kaya nya, unless u downloaded sa android market ng mas mgandang player pro I think wala pa. Sa broadband hanap kyo dun sa divisoria kaya i-configure pra magamit ang 3G. Sa mga apps kung marunong ka humanap sa internet sa android market mas ok. Pro pag bumili ka libre magpalagay ng mga apps, dont forget ung antivirus palagyan nyo. Its like this, personally dko satisfied sa ipod touch ng wife ko maliit ang screen, mostly ng downloads and apps ba2yaran mo. Ung generic na pc tab na-enjoy ko kasi my freedom ka to put anything u want. Its a matter of, having the knowledge to use it( dko sinabing alang knowledge ung d ma-enjoy ung pc tab.) Before you buy it ask mo muna kung kaya nyang i-perform or pwede mo sya gamitin sa isang task na priority mo. Even if you search it ang pc tab is for entertainment only not for office or work gadgets.

  26. what about yung skype, ayos ba? gumagana ba ng maayos? kasi if it does very well bibili ako, un ung pinaka purpose ko maliban sa pagbrowse sa net..please reply

  27. Hi jay, can i ask if the ram can be replaced for a another higher ram? so it can be perform very well.

  28. Hindi-nagpakilalaMayo 9, 2011 nang 1:39 AM

    says: "Does it have Bluetooth? Thanks! :)"

  29. I haven't seen bluetooth on the tablet. Though I never had a need to use it so I didn't really check.

  30. I don't think you can upgrade the tablet's memory.

  31. Hi Jay, just bought one yesterday. How is your iPed? Is it still working? I'd like to seek your advice. Would it be alright if I keep it plugged in (electricity) while using it? Thanks so much!

  32. I have this one since the day na nagtrend siya sa market. and satisfied naman sa performance ng tablet.. I haven't try my tablet using broadband, but DSL is working naman. Kaso medyu mahina siya makasagap sa wifi. :)

  33. Meron ba siyang sim card slot?? sa iPad po kasi ng tita ko meron.

    ANSWER PO. Thanks.