Linggo, Nobyembre 14, 2010

Transferring Photos from Your Android Phone

For some strange reason I've been having difficulty transferring photos from my Nexus One via Bluetooth lately. I used to transfer it through Bluetooth without any problem before, but I have been experiencing problems pairing my Bluetooth devices to it. And it has been a cause of delay for making some blog posts (eyeroll).

Anyway, so sending the photos via email was a huge pain. I don't know why I only tried this now, but the easiest way to transfer your photos from your Android phone is by sending it to your Picasa account!

It's easy!

1. Just go to your photo gallery.
2. Select photos you want to share.
3. Share via Picasa! And viola the photos would be transferred to your account and saved in the "Dropbox" album.

Geez... why did I only do this now? Oh well, you learn something everyday :)

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  1. hello :D
    Pwede po ba kayo mag- feature ng "3G router/wifi router" na dito po sa Pilipinas nahahanap?:D tulad po ng Sapido and the like routers, kung paano po gumagana ito?:D

    Salamat po mga ate,kuya!:D