Biyernes, Oktubre 3, 2008

Software Freedom Day

The Philippines celebrated Software Freedom Day in different parts of the country. In Manila there were two locations, one in Makati at the University of Makati and the other in Quezon City at the National Computer Center.

So my dear "open-source mentor" (yeah the one who gave me the 30-day Ubuntu challenge) made me go to NCC (and that's a mean feat considering I live in Paranaque!). I still went though since I was curious as a non-techie on what was going on.

In my own understanding "Software Freedom" means that you don't have to pay to use software, thereby using "open source" products for your computing needs. My 30-day Ubuntu challenge has actually resulted in that. I now use both Open Office and Google Docs for my documents. I've yet to get a hang of using Gimp, but I must say I absolutely love Picasa 3 for my photo editing needs and I'm currently studying how to edit movies using the same.

I get asked a lot of times if one could survive with a Linux OS and I always say yes especially if you don't really need to install other applications that need more resources. One usually just makes documents and store pictures in their PC anyway and do other online chores (blogging, watching videos etc.) through websites that don't require you to install anything on your PC.

Try it! And be free!

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