Biyernes, Oktubre 10, 2008

My Camera Evideolution, Part 1 of 2

It's now two years since I've had my first and very own digital camera. Back in October 2006, it was only $99 and it was given to me as an early birthday gift from my Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Phil in Florida. From then on, I've used a total of 5 different cameras in shooting my video blogs. Now let me show you how my videos evolved technically using these different tools - this is CokskiBlue's Camera Evideolution:

Aiptek DV5900 (October 2006 - August 2007) This has got to be the cutest digital camera I've used. The cam has this small LCD display and with it folded in, the DV5900 would look like a little coin purse. Its minimum functions are bearable when you're just the casual I-post-my-pictures-on-Friendster type of guy but the weak flash and poor video quality will make you irk once you see the results. No wonder its present market prize is now down to $39.99.

Despite the limitations, this camera witnessed the birth of CokskiBlue and I've used it for almost a year for many of my favorite episodes including this vlog on my very first bloggers meet-up:

Casio Exilim S770 (December 2007 - July 2008) After winning $100 at the Filipina Writing Project on my article The Funniest Filipina Vloggers, I used the prize with some of my funds to get me my 2nd baby - a Casio Exilim. Its sleek silver exterior made me fall in love with it instantly. Taking pictures is so-so but the "HD" quality of the video is quite good - miles better than the Aiptek.

I shot most of Season 2 with this camera including prize-winning We Love Trinoma & Buhay Coke sa Araw-araw, favorite CokskiBlue & Gibbs Cadiz Meet HappySlip and the awesome Palawan Gang series:


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