Lunes, Marso 18, 2013


I'm posting this photo of an Olympia typewriter for the benefit of my son who's never experienced using one.  My Mom taught me how to type using this typewriter (I took the photo though in a museum) when I was just 8 years old. I was really fascinated and always volunteered to type my Dad's documents even though my fingers would always fall through the keys (it was pretty painful!). I was also an expert at changing the ribbon! 

I have so many fond memories with my Mom's Olympia typewriter. I used to lug it around the house whenever I wanted to write, type docs for my Dad or simply type song lyrics (yeah I used to do that haha). And because I used to sleep on the floor in my parents' room the typewriter was always beside my 3-inch foam bed (I'm sure my parents were really annoyed I'd still be typing while they were watching TV). I also remember we had to make funny-looking paper bag masks for exams during typing class. When I reached college... well... I was lucky because they've just gotten rid of the typewriters and got computers to teach us... WORDSTAR! 

Ahh, the typewriter, one of the things kids nowadays would probably not experience.

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