Martes, Hulyo 20, 2010

7 Months on Android

It's been seven months since I got my Nexus One. It took me about two weeks to fully transfer all the conveniences I had in my Nokia E71 to the Nexus One. The issues I encountered were the following: (1) exporting contacts, (2) setting up wifi, and (3) setting up 3g. It was hard to figure out since I couldn't find any localized info about it, but I eventually figured it out and posted about it here at You Got Tech. It was my friend Markku who reset the security settings of my router to get my home wifi working on the phone.

After 7 months I can say that I can't live without my Nexus One and here's why:

1. Rooster Alarm - my phone wakes me up twice a day. One before 5 in the morning and the second one at around 8. The alarm feature also allows me to set different alarm modes. Now I just use one phone to wake me up and I tell you it won't let up until you are awake!

2. Email Heaven - I actually check my mail before I get out of bed. This helps me adjust my day depending on any new priority that comes in via email.

3. Social Networking - And before I go to the bathroom I usually say, "Good morning" on Plurk and check for messages from Twitter and Facebook. I usually also try to "Check-in" via Foursquare whenever I'm out (Foursquare though doesn't work well with 3G connections).

4. Apps - I enjoy the camera apps the most especially that of "Camera360" and "Camera FX".  The flashlight app was also very useful when Typhoon Basyang hit. Also have a piano app and lots of games from Lab Pixies (addicting grrrrr!). I'm still waiting though for a Plants vs. Zombies Android app.

5. Google Maps and Latitude - with more and more info being tagged locally by mappers I can proudly say I haven't gotten lost for sometime now. Also discovered that it's easier to check-in on Foursquare if you do a sync first on Google Latitude.

6. Google - when it doubt you can easily search for stuff on Google. Also love the search function for the contacts list since my list is all messed up.

I haven't been lugging around my laptop because of my phone. My Android experience though would probably level-up with better 3G/HSDPA service. What about you, how is your Android experience going?

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  1. My only complaint with Android in general is the time it takes for manufacturers to spin out updated firmware for their phones. If you're unlucky, it won't happen at all. I think almost all non-Nexus One phones are still in 2.1.

  2. @Jerome I guess I'm lucky since I always get the updates immediately. =)

  3. I guess I'm also one of the lucky ones. Now running on Froyo :)

    I also can't wait for PVZ on Android! :)

  4. Aileen, do you know if we (philippines) can purchase apps on the android market? So far I only see free apps. I really need an alternative keyboard, I think the samsung i5700 screen is too small for my big thumbs. hehe.

  5. @Noel so far just free apps.

    @Chris I hope they'll make one soon!

  6. That is the reason why I got a Google Nexus One -- to be sure that I get the updates before other phones get it. I have had Android phones running 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1, and you can't upgrade it without rooting it. Super-FAIL, imho.

    Generally, I like the NexusOne (paired with my iPhone). :)

  7. @Mac I'm scared to do that! I'll probably mess up the phone if I try to.

  8. I'm the one who commands the rooster to stop every morning (before 5am). hehehehe! I'm also the one who occasionally borrows her Nexus one to play the piano app. and beat her in the games' top score. But overall, I've seen how productive and efficient the nexus one can be and made her life easier. :) And that's worth my 2 thumbs up.