Linggo, Marso 21, 2010

Surf Using Your TV

A few weeks ago Smart announced their newest product, SurfTV. I got curious about how it works and finally got some info from some people working for Smart.

The unit costs about PhP4,500 and includes the following: SurfTV box, Smart Bro dongle and SIM, keyboard, mouse and cables. You can use it on your TV or a VGA monitor. Just plug it all in and you can surf or watch TV and when you do you are charged PhP10 for every 30 minutes (for prepaid) or you can get the unlimited monthly plan.

Haven't tried it out though, but I'm quite curious whether this is something that would finally get my Dad online.

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  1. i haven't tried this either. but it looks good for beginners. share ko na rin youtube videos regarding surftv here.