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Exporting Contacts from Nokia E71 to Your Nexus One

So it took me a couple of days to figure out how to copy my contacts from my Nokia E71 to my new Nexus One.


I've been a Nokia user for about a decade now and because I've been so comfortable using Nokia phones I never bothered to get any other brand. Not even a free offer for an iPhone made me consider changing. Heh. The Nexus One though was something I couldn't resist nor turn down.

It took me a couple of tries to transfer all my contacts to the Nexus One. I just essential followed links from the following:

The Nexus One help forum
The Nexus One page on Contacts
Microsoft's import/export of contacts help page (found this page coz I couldn't find a good, easy to use .csv to .vcf converter)

This is how I successfully transferred all 1,191 contacts from my Nokia E71:

1. Backed up the contacts using Nokia PC Suite
2. On the Nokia PC Suite Contacts tab, I chose "File" and then "Send" then "Contact via Email". Doing this opens a Windows Outlook Express tab and you'll see all your contacts attached as VCF files.
*At this point make sure that your Nexus One is connected to your PC as storage (check this page on how to do this)
3. On the Windows Outlook Express tab, choose "File" then "Save attachments", save it in your Nexus One SD card (I saved it in the "bluetooth" folder because I didn't really know where to save it).
4. Safely unmount your Nexus One from the PC and then touch "Contacts" then touch "Menu" then "Import/Export". Import "all VCF files" (I did this coz I didn't really know how to navigate around).

It took awhile before all my contacts were imported. After it finished I proudly announced to my hubby that I had successfully imported all my contacts to my new phone. Yay!!!

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  1. Thank you .. it helped me a lot !!!

  2. Great help! I found an even easier way to do this.

    1. On E71, go to Contacts>Options>Copy>To Memory Card
    2. Connect E71 to PC in Mass Storage mode, i.e., as a USB drive.
    3. Navigate to the Memory Card, under "Others" you will find a folder called 'Contacts' WITH ALL YOUR CONTACTS SAVED AS VCF
    4. Copy this folder and paste into your Milestone

  3. Transferring contacts from Nokia E71 to Blackberry 9900

    Hi this took me ages to figure when it was so simple.... I could not get my E71 to be recognised by the blackberry desktop software, tried so many other ways, but the only way I got 650 contacts transferred was:

    1) Paired the two phones by bluetooth
    2) On the E71 go to the contacts list, by pressing the contacts button
    3) Now click "Options" on the E71 then scoll to "Mark/Unmark" and select "Mark All"
    4) You will see all contacts have a tick symbol next to them
    5) Now click "Options" on the E71 again, and then "Send" > "Business Card" > "Via Bluetooth"
    6) The phone will now take some time to convert the contacts for sending. Please be patient during this time.
    7) Eventually you will receive a promt on the Blackberry to accept the transfered data.
    8) Click Accept
    9) Viola - All contacts will be transferred

  4. I managed to export my contacts from Nokia E71 to my Gmail account in 10 minutes following a different procedure, which I described here: .

    Hope this helps.