Sabado, Agosto 22, 2009

Teach Lola

Last week Bayan launched their "Teach Lola" advocacy program. It aims to bring closer the digital divide between kids and grandparents.

Here's a short funny video of Lolo and Lola internet addicts -

Well, I'm currently teaching my Mom and this is my plan of action:

1. Show Mom what she can do online: watch videos on Youtube, search favorite things on Google
2. How to turn on and off the PC.
3. How to log-in to her user.
4. How to go online (click on Google Chrome icon)
5. How to chat (using the Gtalk gadget first)
6. How to type a document and print it
7. How to search on Google
8. How to watch videos to Youtube
9. How to send mail
10. How to blog (probably "for Dad") -> methinks this would be the ultimate test

Lola Techie said that the key to teaching Lola is to show her how fun the internet is.

More about the Bayan "Teach Lola" launch at An Apple a Day.

3 komento:

  1. I couldn't possibly teach my parents how to use a computer. Super frustrated nga ako na ang DVD player, hirap na hirap sila and they say it's so complicated. Buti pa daw panahon ng VHS at Betamax, pag pinasok daw ang tape, play na agad. Dito daw sa DVD ang dami pa daw kelangan pindutin para lang magplay. Hay.

    I think if they get a grasp of how to use navigation and menus on any device, then they're ready for a computer.

    As long as they can also overcome the fear that they might break something or cause it to malfunction, then they'd be more confident is using gadgets.

  2. @Jay it IS frustrating. It also took me awhile to teach them how to use a DVD, but credit goes to Miguel who did the rest of the work hehe.

  3. ang saya saya! sila lola ang kukulit... adik narin sa internet..