Miyerkules, Hulyo 29, 2009

How to Make a PDF File

Oftentimes we need to send out a non-editable document, like a quotation for a supplier, but how does one make a PDF file?

Open Office. One thing I love about using Open Office is the fact that you can easily publish your document or spreadsheet or presentation file to PDF. Just click on "File" and choose "Export as PDF" and your document is ready for sending out!

Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Earlier today I had to scan a ten-page document and since the pages were scanned individually I had no idea how to stitch them together. I poked around the printer settings and wondered what the MS XPS Document Writer was for. So I clicked on all the "pics" and clicked on the print option and tadaaan it stitched together my document. It ate up parts of the document though and I had to find out how to view it. Might get my end-reader confused so I looked for another solution.

Corel Draw 12. One option I use for publishing PDFs is Corel Draw. Good only for one-pagers.

PDF 995. An old friend recommended this solution to me over five years ago and I had it on George and Happy (my old PC and laptop). Just download the installer and after installation it will become a part of your print options. It's ad supported though, but very easy to use. I'm glad it worked on Vista!

Update (thanks for the reminder Yolynne!)

Google Docs. Of course! How could I forget?!?

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  1. open office rocks.. you can also create pdf using google docs which I usually do now .... I love working on the cloud =)

  2. I usually use Open Office to create PDF files. Try ko rin sa Google Docs!

  3. Yes, Open Office is more flexible. Will try Google Docs for PDF too! :) Thanks for these useful tips. What I want to know also is how to edit PDFs. :)

  4. I use Cute PDF naman. :)

  5. I use cutepdf in converting word to pdf files. It's free! You just have to go to print and choose cutepdf as your printer and it will convert your word or excel to pdf format.

  6. Thank you for this very helpful stuff.