Sabado, Abril 5, 2008

My Internet Connectivity Diary

Working remotely requires me to be connected to the internet everyday. Aside from using communication and collaboration tools, I utilize the internet for learning. I spend a lot of time learning new things by reading and checking out new things online. But key to this is being connected.

I mainly use PLDT DSL and Globe Visibility to be connected to the internet. I survived using dial-up until the last month of 2006, but my need increased so I finally got DSL at home. Months after some friends chided me for not having wifi at home, so I got a router and they set it up. I've been enjoying being connected to the internet anywhere at home. I have not had any problems with my PLDT DSL probably because most of my neighbors are out most of the day, but lately I've been experiencing difficulty in connecting to select websites. I've cleared out my cookies, but it's been erratic. I wasn't even able to connect to You Got Tech, Facebook and Friendster for a couple of days and sometimes I'm not able to watch some Youtube videos. But generally, PLDT DSL has given good service to me.

I got a Globe Visibility since I travel a lot. I had to do a lot of ranting though before everything stabilized and I've been using it for almost 9 months now and here's a simplified review of how I've used it in different cities across the country:

Metro Manila
Makati - the only place where you'll get HSDPA (only in the mall area)
Paranaque - normally GPRS, but you'll get a bit of 3G
Ortigas - for some strange reason it's hard to connect in Ortigas
Manila - same as Paranaque
Pasay - same as Paranaque
SLEX - will drop whenever you're in the area of the Merville toll

Baguio - mainly GPRS and a bit hard to keep connected
Pampanga - mainly GPRS
Cabanatuan - had a hard time connecting, good thing there was wifi in the place I went to
NLEX - managed to keep connected the whole stretch
Palawan - signal just for mobile was quite hard, I wasn't able to connect to the internet

Cebu - mainly GPRS, hard to connect except in Ayala
Boracay - you'd get some HSDPA, connection was like Glorietta
Iloilo - GPRS, don't bother with surfing, just do mail and IM
Capiz - like dial-up in early 2000
Kalibo - mainly GPRS

Cagayan de Oro - don't even think about connecting, Globe's Invisible here
Davao - I did not bother using my Globe Visibility here since they have free wifi anywhere
Gensan - mainly GPRS, takes a long time to connect to any site

PLDT DSL definitely gives a stable connection, albeit it's not perfect but I can more or less count on it (except when there's no electricity!). I'll let you surmise whether Globe Visibility is something useful or just a disappointment. I just wish though Manila would be like Davao.

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  1. YEY TO DAVAO! :)

    Free Wifi everywhere even in the boondocks!

  2. PLDT WeRoam is better and cheaper (I think). Now it's just P1,500 a month for unlimited hours.

  3. That's one reason why I don't want to leave Davao. =)

  4. PLDT myDSL is stable. But when it goes wrong it takes the company so much time to fix it. I really hate their customer service.

  5. i've had the chance to have been able to use PLDT myDSL, Globe visibility and Globe Broadband.. and among the 3, Globe visibility is the worst! connection wise, PLDT myDSL and Globe Broadband are quite similar but Globe has better (way better) customer service than PLDT. So I would suggest Globe Broadband.

  6. Hindi-nagpakilalaMayo 8, 2008 nang 2:21 AM

    We actually have free WiFI here in Cebu too.

    * Downtown area - within the radius starting from Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

    * All BOs Coffee Shops - free if you order any coffee product

    * Calabria Coffee shop - free

    * Bigbucks Coffee Shop - free

    * All Waterfront Hotels lobby - free

    * Mactan Airport - free

    * Cebu City Sports Club in Ayala - free

    * Cebu City Marriot Hotel lobby -free

    Out of Cebu City

    - Boljoon Town Plaza - free
    - Argao Town Plaza - free

    Non-Free WiFis (needs subscription to Dominion Wireless)

    * Entire Fuente-Capitol area starting from Fuente OsmeƱa

    Globe Visibility is also fast anywhere in Cebu City, I think this is because of GlobeInnove.