Huwebes, Mayo 1, 2008

Team YouGotTech at iBlog4

Eugene did a match-the-eye rendition of YouGotTech contributors in his blog, go check it out.

It was a rare occasion indeed for YGT since majority of the contributors were present at the iBlog4. All the contributors from Davao were present - Winston, Andrew, Migs and the newest in the team - Queen Ria.

It was an exciting day for most of us since most of us were speakers for iBlog4. Here's are links to our talks:

Juned on Photo Blogging (coming soon)
Coy & Aileen on Podcasting and Vlogging Prospects in the Philippines
Janette on How Bloggers Can Participate in the 2010 Elections
Ria on Countryside Blogging

Coy will also do the honors on posting the video that we prepared for iBlog4.

3 komento:

  1. Aside from Stephanie, sino yung kulang ? 12 yung headshots natin sa taas. 10 tayo sa iblog4.

  2. @jaydj - we are 13 now, not present are Jun, Benj, Honey =)

  3. Well, I had fun matching the eyes. Hehehe.