Linggo, Mayo 25, 2008

Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur Awards

Last May 13, 2008, Nokia held an awards night for the Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur Awards at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel. During the event an AVP showcased businesses that made it to the finals, highlighting how these companies used mobile technology as a tool in their operations. Some of the finalists included businesses in the mobile phone distribution sector, fashion (clothes and shoes), food and web development/design.

Grand prize winner was Kuy Designs.

Some of the finalists.

YGT contributors Jay, Aileen and Juned at the event with bloggers, Marcelle and Poyt.

Photo by Carl Valenzona.

Personally, I've been a Nokia user for more than a decade now. My first Nokia phone was the pangkaskas-ng-yelo, the N100. It was my service unit when I was still working for Smart and eventually this was changed to the sexier N909. Those were non-GSM phones (analog!). My first GSM phone wasn't a Nokia phone, but I had difficulty using it because of the keypad and I experienced some usability issues so I've stuck to using Nokia phones after that.

Yup I have 2 phones, one I use for work and the other is a personal number. I've stuck to using Nokia phones because:

1. It's easier to navigate. No need to read the manual! It's good for the elderly as well.
2. Transferring files to and from the phone the PC is easy. The application to use it is pretty easy to understand.
3. There are times I don't bring my camera, so I just use my phone to take photos and videos. The audio for the video is quite good.
4. It fits my hand perfectly. I SMS a lot and the phone makes it easy to send loads and loads of messages. My colleagues even took a phone of my old phone since the keypad was so scratched it didn't have anything written on it anymore. My colleagues from other countries thought this was very unusual and funny. Duh, hahaha.
5. I have not experienced any break downs (knock on wood). My old phones are still working and still being used. I have not even changed batteries!

The only setback I've experienced so far are glitches in syncing data from the laptop/PC, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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