Sabado, Setyembre 20, 2008

Chikahan on the Wireless Landline

Last week I got the chance to attend Bayan Telecommunication's event where they shared two main things:

1. Research revealed that Bayan wireless landline users saved up to 50% on cost.
2. They want to bring back real conversation.

It was when I was still working for a telco when I first heard about "wireless landlines". It was then an option for users who could not be reached by cabled phones. It was pretty tricky though since engineers had to install antennas on the roof of the house and service was quite flaky, depending on the weather. But one thing crossed my mind back then - can't they just make wireless landlines so we don't have to spend so much on mobile phone bills?

Fast forward. When Bayan launched their wireless landline (was it last year?) I thought, "Oh! This is it!" Originally the available units was this huge telephone (see photo). I've witnessed someone on the MRT using it though and it was placed in a huge sports bag. I wanted to take a photo but got scared that she might get mad. My Mom's amigas would also bring around their units (even during Garden Club meet-ups!). I know that our homeowners also got units for the guards in our village gates and this makes it easy to get in touch with them to call for cabs/tricycles and for help.

Eventually Bayan introduced the cellphone-like units and one of the things I did was to collect flyers to compare prices. It ain't bad and the signal in our place is actually pretty good. I personally use my mobile phones like it's a landline and I prefer voice calls versus SMS-ing and I still burn the phone lines in the evenings to make telebabad.

Methinks that having a wireless landline is good both for the user and the caller. The user's cost for phone bills is lessened and callers save a lot too since they don't have to have to pay for expensive mobile phone bills.

Well maybe I'd eventually get a unit. Would you?

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  1. i like the bayan span but ito lang problema ko sa kanila, weak ang customer service nila like when you report things about sa unit mo sa signal sasabhin nila sige gawan po natin ng report tapos bibigay sayo ang support ticket number at sinabi nila natatawagan ka nila to fix the problem at i wait 1 to 2 days for a call then walang tumatawag at kapag ikaw ang tumawag para check kung ano na ang update sasabhin nila gawa na pero "wala naman talaga nagawa" grrrr... to clarify maganda ang service ng bayan kasi unlimeted calls at almost 1 year 1/2 na ako sa bayan span. lol medyo magulo...