Sabado, Agosto 2, 2008

My Ubuntu Diary, the 30-Day Challenge Begins

I've always wanted to learn more about open source. I had my briefing a few months ago from the team that handles "those stuff" from where I work. I was quite ashamed to ask questions since I really have little knowledge about it, much less know anything about the tech-side of it, but ya-know, you'll never learn anything unless you ask.

When George (my trusty ol' desktop PC) died on me a few months ago I had to hunker up and get something working for Miguel so he can go online. I had T-rex (a 9-year old PC) in comatose in his room. The PC was left neglected and unused, but I knew it was working. With some help from JayDJ we got it working and running on Ubuntu (actually he did 99.5% of the job and my 0.5% contribution was getting him water haha).

I'm not shy to ask for help whenever I need it and because of that I had the privilege of meeting some of the Ubuntu legends in our country. Let's not reveal who they are first, lest I fail in this attempt of mine to educate myself on using open source tools. But the rumored Ubuntu godfather in the Philippines was the one who issued me this challenge.

I know I'm behind schedule with this 30-day challenge issued to me. I'm actually 9-days behind schedule and it's a good thing that T-rex' harddisk died on us. I got a little help from JayDJ to replace the HD with his extra 30-GB HD, but now I'm on my own to get the system up and running.

And this is where the 30-day Ubuntu challenge begins.

Day 1: 10:00 p.m.

JayDJ replaced T-rex' HD. Mind you T-Rex is a very old PC (I have to confirm the specs with JayDJ heh) and it's quite slow. The Ubuntu version that I have is Ubuntu 7.10 which we downloaded when it was first installed on T-rex. Burned it on a CD. I heard that this version is much more stable than the new one, plus my PC is OLD that's why I'll be using this still.

Anyway, I successfully managed to start installation, but it kept failing. Apparently we had to fix some stuff in the CMOS because of the HD. I had JayDJ fix it up and proceeded with installation, BUT it kept hanging and it's almost 1 a.m. already, so I think I give myself an F for eFfort for today. I have 2 PCs to work on anyway. Heh.

Will try again tomorrow! Gah!

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