Martes, Hulyo 1, 2008

Episode 15: Gilmore

I've heard so much about Gilmore and they say it's the mecca for IT enthusiasts. A number of people have described it to me as THE place to shop for a PC or a laptop. There's always been Greenhills and a couple of malls that have IT rows which I think has been incomparable to Singapore's Funan IT Mall and Suntech (and there's a new place there too, forgot the name).

I got the chance to go to Gilmore last week with JayDJ and I thought of making a video tour of the place, so here it is -

Want an PhP8,000 laptop? Or a used PC for less than PhP1,500 you can slave for your experiments? Ink? Parts to repair or upgrade your PC or laptop? Well, what are you waiting for? Go na!

*Gilmore is just across St. Paul University and you can easily go there by taking LRT 2, get off the Gilmore station.

6 (na) komento:

  1. I've always wanted to go there but not sure where it is exactly. Thanks for the video! I now know what to expect when I get there. :)

  2. walking distance ba to sa eatbulaga? balak ko rin pumunta dito pagtapos manood sana :D

  3. @poytee - go na! grabe there's so much stuff there

    @eligio tapiador jr. - ayon sa aking Sweetie, malapit daw =)

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  5. tlga 8000 laptop? anong klase? haha ayos toh my pc broke down yesterday I dnt know where to bring it. Can u suggest any store there? mdyo overwhelming yung place eh ang dami haha

  6. diff. parts sell for diff. prices at diff stores there... you should check out first the prices at diff. shops before buying them.. para mas tipid.. and then setup the pc by yourself... :)