Martes, Pebrero 26, 2008

Episode 6: AJ of Talks About his Mobile Phone TV

Have you ever experienced rushing home from work because you need to catch your favorite TV show? When I was a Makati office girl I'd usually get caught in traffic on the way home and miss some shows that I wanted to watch. I couldn't also rely on having someone record the show because I'm the "techiest of all" at home, so I just missed whatever it was I wanted to watch.

Things are so much different today. New gadgets are launched left and right and I personally couldn't keep up with it. I'm sure I would've bought a portable TV if I could afford it, but there's something so much better! A mobile phone that's also a TV!

AJ Matela of graciously agreed to talk about his mobile phone TV. Watch it now!

There are cute outtakes at the end.

Here's AJ's most watched interview with Janette -

Notes: I'm back to using Windows Movie Maker. My PC, George, went into a coma again and the other app I was toying around with works only there.

4 (na) komento:

  1. I love the TV feature... no need for 3G to get TV... just a good signal and it's for free !

  2. nice sounds like yugatech though :)

  3. Buti pa sya gumagana yung phone na may TV yung aken ayaw. :(